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01We are a group of over 40 Transportation professionals from all areas and modes of transportation management.

02We use our multimillion dollar buying power to partner with some of the best small and medium sized trucking companies in the industry, offering you exceptional service at discount prices.

03We guarantee you that each carrier we use to haul your precious cargo is fully insured and possesses an acceptable safety program with the Federal Highway Administration.

04We spend time every day searching and researching the best small and medium sized carriers in the country to fill our customers shipping needs in a back haul environment - saving them money.

05 With our services, our customers are able to focus their labor resources on internal production activities while we negotiate the best deals and manage the carriers with directions, appointments, equipment size, service requirements, and driver logs and attitudes.

06Once your shipment is placed with DCI, we guarantee 100% control over the carrier and driver, ensuring you that if anything changes in the requested schedule, you will be the first to know about it.

07We offer this control, consistently 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you and your customer don’t have to deal with any issues when you’re at home at night or over the weekend.

08We are able to offer flexible services covering a wide range of shipping options allowing you the advantage of lower costs, time sensitive deliveries, specialized equipment, and high value security.

09With our buying power and ongoing partnerships with our carrier partners, we are able to negotiate discounts on line haul charges, fuel surcharges, spotted trailers, driver assist, tailgate use, notification, home delivery, holiday and weekend services.

10With the average age of our experienced professionals being in their mid 40’s, we are able to offer our customers shipping solutions and packaging suggestions that has saved many of our customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our state of the art Transportation software and technology allowing each of our customers to create any and all shipping documents they may need along with real live tracking of all shipments 24/7. Our website is filled with shipping aids to assist you with all your shipping needs.

Our Transportation Management Software System is second to none in the industry and allows us to offer our customers digital control and immediate access to everything they may want or need including tracking reports on a variety of criteria.

11 With our excellent relationships and quality standing in the industry we are able to offer our customers consistent capacity and pricing 12 months a year with the same carrier over and over again.

12 We are accountable to you for everything that happens when you choose our services including, but not limited to, handling all claims, and rectifying all service failures while protecting your rights with the carrier and the Department of Transportation.

13 As a well established firm with over 16 years of successful growth and profitability we have reinvested in our communities sponsoring local charitable events involving the families of our employees, our customers and their employees, along with our carriers and their employees.

14 We have taken the proactive approach to supporting our customers when things may not go as planned by purchasing $100,000 of Contingent Cargo Insurance and $100,000 of Guaranteed Carrier Pay Insurance.

15Many of our customers have been with us for all of our 16 years in business and we welcome you to contact any one of them as a reference to the type of business we offer. We don’t want to be the biggest fish in this sea; we just want to be the best we can be for you!

Call us today for a quote and let our team provide the service you need, along with our 3-C Guarantee!

(800) 315-9878

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Mission Statement

DCI is a trusted logistics company providing total global solutions. We create long term partnerships that exceed customer expectations through the 3-C Guarantee: Communication, Control and Consistency. Our experienced professionals pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service through leading edge technology and old fashioned values.