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3-C Guarantee - Communication, Control & Consistency

At DCI, our goal is to exceed customer expectations. The foundation of our success has been our 3-C Guarantee of Communication, Control and Consistency through the “DCI Way”.

We are committed to provide Consistency in our service, Communication with our partners, and Control over every aspect of the transaction.


Through technology and specialized pricing plans, we have been able to offer our LTL customers complete control over this important component of their overall shipping solution.

We are your one call logistics solutions provider, we have expertise in all modes of transportation both domestically and internationally.


Shipping LTL shipments has traditionally been confusing considering the many outdated factors that are used to calculate your net cost for each shipment. These factors include product, class, weight, speed of transit, delivery requirements, and many more accessorials to consider. We have simplified the process through our LTL program that will give you instant and accurate rates and service standards for each of your LTL shipments. You can create your Bill of Lading, rate your shipment, select your carrier, and schedule your pick up all in one single process that takes less than 30 seconds. Give us a call and learn how you can start saving your company money and your valuable time when it comes to shipping LTL.

• Save time and money on your LTL shipments
• Proven pre-qualified carriers that we manage for you
• We offer Domestic and International LTL

• Take total control with our new technology in your hands
• Time Sensitive, High Security, and Hazardous Shipments
• 3-C Guarantee of Communication, Control and Consistency


Mission Statement

DCI is a trusted logistics company providing total global solutions. We create long term partnerships that exceed customer expectations through the 3-C Guarantee: Communication, Control and Consistency. Our experienced professionals pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service through leading edge technology and old fashioned values.